Vitoos Music | DC JUNIOR
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About This Product


The VITOOS DC JUNIOR is the flagship model of its POWER PACKTM series power supply for effect pedals, 5 outlets @ 9 volts with totally 2500mA’s capacity powering the pedals, keeping the performance from one show to another.

The high light of this power supply is that it draws the voltage from AC socket directly, and each outlet is fully isolated from the ground.

The DC Junior could adapt the input voltage from 110V to 230V directly without using the voltage switch.



  • Isolated ground outputs provides a stable and noise free performance.
  • Powers 5 9v pedals all at once without losing any signal intensity.
  • Come with totally 5 DC cables to connect your pedals to the DC JUNIOR, and 1pc of Y cable to boost the voltage.
  • The pedals might come out with a different sound by using such a Y cable.
  • Short Circuit Protection ensures the stable working condition.
  • FCLC (Foldback Current Limiting Circuit) provides ultimate protection against power shortages and overloads. Even at full load, you’ll enjoy the quiet and cool operation of a fully regulated power supply.


Most battery-powered effects rarely exceed 30 milliamps each, you’re not likely to use anywhere near the DC JUNIOR’s capacity of 2500 milliamps output.




  • Plug the included AC cord into the DC JUNIOR’s in jack
  • Connect the AC cord to 100~240v AC power, turn on the switch, the Red LED will light
  • Connect your 9v pedals to the FIVE 9v OUTLETS with included DC cables.
  • Use the Y cable to connect from any of the FIVE 9v outlets to get the right voltage for your pedals.


Technical Info


  • INPUT: AC 100v~240v at 50/60Hz.
  • OUTPUT: DC 9v, 2500mA.
  • POLARITY: Positive Barrel and Negative Center.

DC JUNIOR Power Supply

  • OUTPUTS: 9v@500mA (x5)
  • LEDs: Red LED for power light

Important Notice

  1. Do not put or use in waterish locations which might cause circuit shorted or other electric dangers.
  2. Unplug your DC JUNIOR when not in use for extended periods of time.
  3. Guard against water or other liquids entering the enclosure.


What’s in package

  • DC JUNIOR Power Supply
  • AC cord 1pc
  • 5pcs DC cables plus 1 Y cable
  • User Manual