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About This Product


LED indicates clearly the short-circuited pedals.
*Short Circuit Protection for the whole Circuit.9 Volts output LED indicator will turn on RED when the pedal gets overloaded.The whole circuit will be protected unless to unplug the overloaded pedal.
*Powers 8 / 9v pedals and 2 / 18v pedals all at once without losing any sound intensity. Came with all the cables to power the unit and to connect the pedals to the unit.Short Circuit Protection gives it a stable working mode.
*The Fly Tank will drive ten (10) pedals from the same source! More than a power supply, this box is a power conditioner as well. It supplies a predictable voltage at all times, keeping your effects consistent from show to show.
*Its FCLC (Foldback Current Limiting Circuit) provides ultimate protection against power shorts and overloads. Even at full load, you’ll enjoy the quiet and cool operation of a fully regulated power supply. But since battery-powered effects rarely exceed 30 milliamps each, you’re not likely to use anywhere near the Fly Tank’s capacity of 2000 milliamps output!

Technical Info:
*Power: Included DC power adapter can utilize a wide range of international wall power from 100 to 240 volts. Supplied with E.U.,UK, U.S. Plug.
*Controls: Power Input from DC Adapter.
*Eight 9V outputs can handle an average of 150 milliamps each, or a total of 1200 milliamps in any configuration.
*Two 18V outputs can handle an average of 1000 milliamps each, or a total of 2000 milliamps in any configuration
*All outputs may be used simultaneously for a total power output of up to 2000 milliamp
*10 Cables and 1 adapter included for connecting Fly Tank to your pedals.

What’s in package
*VP1 Power Supply
*AC to DC adaptor
*10pcs DC cables plus 1 Y cable
*User Manual